Advancing Social Innovation in Europe

Join our transnational workshop series to discuss pressing issues and exchange with social entrepreneurs, policymakers and important stakeholders of the ecosystem. Each workshop will start with a short impulse input by an expert on the topic. After that, we will discuss urgent matters and possible measures to foster policy and collaboration for social entrepreneurship and social innovation in Europe. 

The outcomes of the workshops will contribute to the definition of a transnational strategy on supporting Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship in Central Europe.


Workshop 1: The importance of impact management 

What is behind the term impact management? Why is it important for social entrepreneurs? And what do investors expect from impact assessment? Do we need European standards for impact management and assessment?

Experts: Sarah Ulrich,

Ewa Konczal, European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA)

Date: 28th May 2020, 10 – 12.00 am


Workshop 2: Transnational cooperation among social entrepreneurs

How can we support transnational cooperation and learning from each other? What is the motivation to work together on a transnational level and what are necessary resources to do so? How can we increase opportunities for scalability on a transnational level? 

Experts: Patrizia Bussi, European Network of Social Integration Enterprises (ENSIE)

Date: 4th June 2020, 10 – 12.00 am


Workshop 3: Education for social innovation 

What skills are needed for social innovation? How can we advance (social) entrepreneurship education in universities and schools in Europe? Which methods do we need to teach the skills needed? 

Expert: Daniela Kellerova, Pontis Foundation – project “Open Future”

Date: 9th June 2020, 10 – 12.00 am


Register now at link! The number of participants is restricted. You are able to register for several workshops or for single topics only. You will receive the link to the workshop by email a few days before. We look forward to your participation!



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